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Should You Go Abroad For A Rhinoplasty?

The rhinoplasty (or nose surgery) is one of the most difficult procedures in cosmetic surgery because its results are difficult to predict. It is therefore legitimate to ask this question about nose surgery abroad. We will try to answer it by approaching its two main aspects, the surgeon who practices it and the particularities of this intervention. Finally, we will discuss the surgical tariff component by comparing prices in France and abroad.

How to choose a surgeon for nose surgery?

Being able to check your skills is essential. To give the best guarantees of success of rhinoplasty, the surgeon must be qualified in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

However, abroad, you are never sure at first that the person you saw in the consultation is the one who will operate on you, and above all, you have no way of checking their skills.

How to ensure the quality of the clinic for nose surgery?

The same goes for the surgeon’s environment. The clinics in France are controlled, and the standards more and more draconian for your safety. What about a clinic abroad? In particular on the sterilization of equipment and the diplomas of paramedical personnel, not to mention the anesthesiologist. Finally, how will the surgeon follow his work, knowing that after a few days spent on-site, you will no longer be there.

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgical procedure.

This procedure is by far the most difficult of cosmetic surgery because its results are difficult to predict. It is essential to plan to monitor over a year so that adequate advice can be given when necessary. The risks, in particular those of postoperative bleeding, may require specialized management with very specific equipment. It is, therefore, necessary, beforehand, to ensure that the security conditions are well fulfilled abroad, which is not necessarily obvious.

Finally, in the event of necessary retouching, what will be the conditions for returning to the country for a new intervention? This, especially since a resumption of surgery on a rhinoplasty, is always a delicate intervention. For all these reasons and in particular with regard to nose surgery, we think that considering this surgery abroad is a considerable risk for your health.