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Rhinoplasty is a delicate operation that allows a change in the shape or size of the nose. Its main purpose is to give great harmony to the face and nose. Many people use rhinoplasty.

This operation must be done by a professional surgeon and in a clinic. The anesthesia used for rhinoplasty can be both general and local, depending on the needs of the patient.

This article gives you all the answers to all the questions you can ask about rhinoplasty. He can be very comfortable and can help you make your decision.

How Does The Intervention Take Place?


If you choose to use a simple rhinoplasty, your surgeon must touch all the structures of your nose, namely, your bones and cartilage. Your nasal bridge is regularized, and the bump of your nose must be removed. The professional must also grate asperities. The shape and tip of the nose should be refined.

After rhinoplasty and while you are still in the operating room, a plaster is placed on the new structure to protect it. The latter must remain there for at least eight days.

In each nostril and during the first hours after the operation, a sponge cigarette is placed. This promotes the re-application of the nasal mucosa.

How Long Does The Intervention Last, And How Long Is The Hospital Stay?

The rhinoplasty operation can last 1 to 2 hours, depending on the needs of each patient. This duration may change with the complexity of the intervention. The surgeon must follow strict rules before, during, and after rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is a delicate operation that must be performed meticulously by a professional. You must, therefore, be careful when choosing your surgeon and especially the clinic in which you want to operate.

The Result And The Healing of Rhinoplasty

You can see the result of the rhinoplasty after 15 days. Your nose still needs to take a while, which is roughly two years to be stable. Edema resolves over four months, and at the end of the first week, the bruising dissipate completely.

As for the scars, they are placed inside the nostrils. Therefore, they are not visible outside.

If the size of your nostrils has been changed, a scar is visible on the lower part of the groove.

To be able to resume your professional activities, you must wait at least eight days. Sports activities can be resumed after four weeks.

*These tips were inspired by rhinoplasty specialists in Miami, FL.

The rhinoplasty (or nose surgery) is one of the most difficult procedures in cosmetic surgery because its results are difficult to predict. It is therefore legitimate to ask this question about nose surgery abroad. We will try to answer it by approaching its two main aspects, the surgeon who practices it and the particularities of this intervention. Finally, we will discuss the surgical tariff component by comparing prices in France and abroad.

How to choose a surgeon for nose surgery?

Being able to check your skills is essential. To give the best guarantees of success of rhinoplasty, the surgeon must be qualified in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

However, abroad, you are never sure at first that the person you saw in the consultation is the one who will operate on you, and above all, you have no way of checking their skills.

How to ensure the quality of the clinic for nose surgery?

The same goes for the surgeon’s environment. The clinics in France are controlled, and the standards more and more draconian for your safety. What about a clinic abroad? In particular on the sterilization of equipment and the diplomas of paramedical personnel, not to mention the anesthesiologist. Finally, how will the surgeon follow his work, knowing that after a few days spent on-site, you will no longer be there.

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgical procedure.

This procedure is by far the most difficult of cosmetic surgery because its results are difficult to predict. It is essential to plan to monitor over a year so that adequate advice can be given when necessary. The risks, in particular those of postoperative bleeding, may require specialized management with very specific equipment. It is, therefore, necessary, beforehand, to ensure that the security conditions are well fulfilled abroad, which is not necessarily obvious.

Finally, in the event of necessary retouching, what will be the conditions for returning to the country for a new intervention? This, especially since a resumption of surgery on a rhinoplasty, is always a delicate intervention. For all these reasons and in particular with regard to nose surgery, we think that considering this surgery abroad is a considerable risk for your health.…

Nasal surgery applies to many cosmetic or functional operations. Thus, to find a better aspect of this aesthetic attribute located in the middle of the face or to find comfort in life by restoring normal breathing, rhinoplastic surgeons today master a wide range of techniques and technologies which make it possible to reduce the maximum scarring and postoperative pain.

Here are some of the most common rhinoplasty procedures:


The hump of the nose results from a slight protrusion that deforms the bridge of the nose and gives it an unsightly appearance. The hump surgery of the nose consists of an osteotomy, that is to say, a grating or removal of the prominent bone on the bridge in order to refine the profile. It will then be necessary to stabilize the bone and cartilage structure so that the result is lasting over the years.

The tip of the nose

Innate or following a trauma, a nose can have an unsightly tip due to a drooping structure, prominence, too pronounced cleft, excessive width, or asymmetry. The operation of the tip of the nose consists of a restructuring of the cartilaginous structure, but also of the skin which rests on it in order to have a harmonious and symmetrical result.

The wide and flat nose

The flat, broad nose is an anatomical feature that many people wish to refine. The rhinoplasty of a wide nose consists not only of reshaping the bridge, the point, and the nostrils but also in reworking the skin, which is often thicker.

Deviation of the nasal septum

Deviation of the nasal septum, which can be natural or the result of a shock to the face, sometimes causes difficulty in breathing or excessive snoring during the night. In addition, it is possible that the external appearance is affected. Its correction is, therefore, both functional and aesthetic.

With several thousand procedures performed each year in France, nose surgery is one of the most common cosmetic operations. Men and women can, without distinction, reshape their noses and thus erase the complexes linked to unsightly aspects. A psychological assessment is, however, necessary before any intervention to ensure the usefulness of the operation for the patient. Adolescents from 16 to 17 years old can consider rhinoplasty if moral distress linked to unsightly forms of the nose is proven. At this age, in fact, bone growth in the face is over.

Is nose surgery reimbursed?

Rhinoplasty is reimbursed if and only if it aims to correct a malformation that affects the patient’s health. Therefore, the correction of a nasal septum in order to breathe better is taken care of by Social Security. Otherwise, for purely cosmetic operations, there is no reimbursement.